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2D Barkodes


What is the DotCode barcode type?



DotCode is a two-dimensional matrix barcode symbology characterized by a unique pattern of dots arranged in a square or rectangular grid. It was developed and released in 2009 to address specific challenges in high-speed production environments, making it a preferred choice for industries requiring efficient, high-density data encoding.

DotCode consists of a square or rectangular matrix of dots, and the arrangement of these dots encodes the information, the dots themself are ordered like a checkers board. The size of the matrix can vary, allowing for flexibility in terms of data capacity and print size. 

DotCode's structure enables efficient printing, even in high-speed environments. In fact, this is precisely why DotCode was created by the Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM) industry association, as it can basically be applied by high-speed technologies and it’s mainly used in industries like packaging and logistics, where there is a need to print a barcode on a very high amount of items in a very short time span.



The specification for a DotCode is shown below:


However, it’s not uncommon to find DotCodes in this format



Character Set and Capacity

DotCode utilizes a binary character set, encoding data through the presence or absence of dots. This simplicity contributes to its high-speed readability and suitability for variable data applications.


DotCode barcode can encode the following data:


Minimum / Maximum Capacity

The minimum size for a DotCode is 7 dots high, and theoretically, there is no maximum size, although most printing technology has a practical limit of 124 dots in either direction.

A three-dot-wide quiet zone is required on all sides.


Error Detection and Correction

DotCode uses the Reed-Solomon algorithm for error correction, enhancing its reliability in challenging environments. This ensures that even if part of the code is damaged or obscured, the system can still accurately decode the information.


Advantages in using DotCode

As mentioned, DotCode has high capacity to store data, due to its high density, also being able to pack all the ASCII characters it can easily be used to store expiration dates, serial numbers with variable character length and unique identifiers while maintaining a very small footprint. This makes it perfect for the tobacco industry and other industries that don’t have much real estate on their packages.


How can the barKoder SDK help with your DotCode scanning requirements

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