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What is the Code 32/Italian Pharmacode barcode & what are its specifications

Code 32, also known as Italian Pharmacode or Pharmacode, is a one-dimensional barcode symbology that was originally developed in Italy for pharmaceutical packaging. It was introduced in the early 1970s as a means to encode information on medicine packages, allowing for efficient inventory management and prescription filling.

Code 32 is a unique and simplified barcode system designed specifically for pharmaceutical applications. It encodes numerical data and is quite different from traditional barcodes. Instead of using bars and spaces, Code 32 employs a series of alternating thin and thick lines, where the length of these lines represents numeric values.

Each Code 32 barcode typically consists of a series of thin and thick bars arranged in a specific pattern. The barcode's width and the distance between the bars are used to encode numeric information. The symbology relies on a start and stop character to signify the beginning and end of the encoded data.

Code 32, or Italian Pharmacode, was developed to cater to the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Its distinctive structure, high data density, and pharmaceutical-focused features have contributed to its continued use as a reliable barcode system for medication identification and inventory management.


Code 32/Italian Pharmacode Features

  • Pharmaceutical Focus: Code 32 was initially developed for the pharmaceutical industry, and it remains a widely used standard for encoding medication information. It excels in this context, as it is highly efficient for representing numerical data such as drug identification and dosage.
  • Simplified Structure: The simplicity of Code 32, with its alternating thin and thick lines, makes it easy to print on pharmaceutical packaging and read using handheld scanners. This straightforward structure is advantageous in healthcare settings.
  • High Data Density: Code 32 can represent a significant amount of information in a relatively small space. This is crucial in pharmaceuticals, where precise drug identification and dosage information must be conveyed accurately.
  • Start and Stop Characters: The presence of distinct start and stop characters in Code 32 barcodes ensures that the encoded data is clearly defined, reducing the chances of misinterpretation and errors during scanning.
  • Global Relevance: While its roots are in Italy, Code 32 has found international acceptance, particularly within the pharmaceutical sector. This makes it a standardized choice for drug labeling and distribution across different regions.


How can the barKoder SDK help with your Code 32 scanning requirements

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