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What is Code 11 barcode & what are its specifications

Code 11, also known as Code 11, USD-8, USD8, is a linear barcode symbology developed by Intermec in 1977. It has found extensive use in the telecommunications industry for labeling small components due to its high density and resulting ability to pack large amounts of data into a small label.

Code 11 is an alphanumeric barcode that uses 11 characters, including 10 digits and a dash, to encode information. The barcode consists of two parts, the first part represents the data and the second part is a checksum digit that is used to verify the accuracy of the data.



Code 11 is a self-checking symbology, meaning that it has built-in error correction capabilities. This is achieved through the use of check digits, which are added to the data section of the barcode. If the data is 10 or less characters, one check digit is used. If the data is more then 10 characters, then 2 check digits are used. These check digits are calculated based on the data that is being encoded, and they are used to verify that the data has been correctly read. If the check digits are incorrect, the barcode reader will flag an error, indicating that the barcode has been damaged or that it has been scanned incorrectly.


One of the key advantages of Code 11 is its high-density design, which allows it to store more information in a smaller space than other barcode symbologies. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where space is limited, such as on small products or in tight spaces. In addition, Code 11 includes a built-in checksum that helps to ensure the accuracy of the information encoded in the barcode.

Despite its advantages, Code 11 has some limitations. Firstly, it is limited to encoding numbers and a limited set of characters, which means that it cannot be used to encode text or special characters. Secondly, Code 11 is not as widely used as other barcode symbologies, such as Code 128 or QR codes, which means that not all barcode scanners are capable of reading it.

Because of its poor reliability, Code 11 is not widely used and is rarely found on retail scanners. 

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  • High-density, numeric-only, discrete symbology that is primarily used for telecommunications equipment.
  • The name derives from supporting 11 characters, the numeric digits (0-9) and the hyphen character (-).
  • The symbol contains start character, symbol characters that represent data, optional checksum digits and stop character.
  • Each character is composed of 5 elements, 3 bars and 2 spaces, separated form each other by a narrow space.


How can the barKoder SDK help with your Code 11 scanning requirements

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