Installation Guide for the barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK plugin for Capacitor

This is a guide for using the barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK with the Capacitor plugin.


Capacitor is a platform-agnostic app runtime that simplifies the development of web applications that can run natively on iOS, Android, and the web. Before beginning, certain requirements must be met.

  1. Node.js and npm:
    • Ensure you have Node.js installed on your machine. Capacitor requires Node.js version 10 or later.
    • npm (Node Package Manager) is also required. It usually comes with Node.js.
  2. Text Editor or IDE:
    • When coding, it's important to select either a text editor or an integrated development environment (IDE). Some of the most commonly used code editors are Visual Studio Code, Atom, and any other editor that you prefer.
  3. Git:
    • It is recommended to have Git installed on your machine for managing capacitor projects using Git.
  4. Command Line Interface (CLI):
    • Ensure you have a command line interface (CLI) installed and accessible on your system to execute Capacitor commands via the command line.
  5. Mobile Development SDKs:
    • To build and run apps on specific platforms, you'll need the corresponding SDKs:
      • To develop applications for iOS, you will need to use Xcode which is available exclusively on macOS.
      • To develop Android applications, you will need to use Android Studio. If you want to start a Capacitor project, follow these basic steps:
  6. Install Capacitor:
       npm install -g @capacitor/cli

      7.     Add Platforms:

       npx cap add ios
       npx cap add android
  1. Open IDE and Start Coding:
    • Open your chosen IDE or text editor and start building your app using web technologies.
  2. Build and Run:
    • Use Capacitor commands to build and run your app on different platforms.
  npx cap open ios
  npx cap open android

These steps provide a basic overview, and the Capacitor documentation may have been updated since our last knowledge update. It's always a good idea to refer to the official Capacitor documentation for the latest and most accurate information: Capacitor Documentation.


      8. Install

 npm install barkoder-capacitor
 npx cap sync

Our Documentation page contains the API and installation instructions for the Capacitor plugin of the barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK, which includes its requirements.


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