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barKoder SDK version 1.2.5 is released!

Added new 2D symbology “DotCode”


Jan 15, 2024 Info

barKoder is now available for Xamarin & Capacitor

The barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK is now ported as a plugin that can be integrated in both Xamarin and Capacitor powered mobile applications

Jan 05, 2024 Info

barKoder SDK version 1.2.4 is released

Announcing MatrixSight®, VIN Scanning Mode and more!

Dec 18, 2023 Info

AAMVA standards & their role in barcode scanning

Our barcode scanner is capable of parsing GS1 and AAMVA data.

Nov 29, 2023 Info

Decoding Direct Part Marking (DPM) Data Matrix Codes: An Essential Guide

barKoder supports decoding Direct Part Marking (DPM) Data Matrix codes.

Nov 07, 2023 Info

barKoder SDK version 1.2.2 is live

The barKoder barcode reader SDK proudly introduced its DPM mode, Segment Decoding & deblur Algorithm & plethora of other features & fixes

Oct 31, 2023 Info