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Unraveling the PDF417 Scanning Mastery by the barKoder API

PDF417 is a two-dimensional stacked barcode symbology capable of encoding large amounts of data in a compact space. Detailed data for this type of barcode can be found on our site in the barcode types section.

The PDF417 barcode by design has stacked data rows columns enclosed by Start and Stop patterns which are mandatory by specification for detecting its location within an image. Following the Start pattern and all the way to the Stop pattern are the “Row Indicator” columns where all necessary info for correctly decoding PDF417 is encoded, like the number of rows and columns, the error correction level and so on.


Full sized PDF417 barcode with all its elements


Better barcode decoders on the market can handle missing the Stop pattern and the Stop row indicator, since by specification there's already a similar PDF417 variant with only a Start pattern and a Start Row indicator column, known as Compact PDF 417 barcode.


Missing the Start Pattern is similar to Compact PDF417


However, they all start to fail once both the Start and the Stop patterns are missing. The MatrixSight® detection algorithm of the barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK can handle all of these cases as it doesn't rely on the existence of these barcode elements.


Even if we go as far as to remove the Stop Row Indicator it's still not a problem for the barKoder barcode reader API.


But it gets even better than that! We can also remove a complete DATA column from the right side and the barKoder SDK will still decode it with ease.


Or instead of the rightmost column, we can take out any columns from the middle of the barcode. It's against all rules and algorithms which are proposed by the respective PDF417 specifications, but it doesn't stop the barKoder barcode scanner SDK to extract all data from it with 100% accuracy.


Finally, of course, various mixed set of damages are also handled expertly by the barKoder SDK, where no other decoder even tries to perform a scan.


Mobile Barcode Capture SDK for all kinds of ID's

Finally, the barKoder Barkode Scanner SDK is one of the most capable barcode decoders on the market when it comes to reading all kinds of military ID's, be that US Uniformed Services Identification Cards or Common Access Cards, which either have a standard or truncated PDF417 barcode printed on their surfaces. New Paragraph: The same applies when it comes to Argentinian ID's (Documento Nacional de Identidad), Colombian ID's (Cédula de Ciudadanía) and South African Smart ID cards, that have PDF417 printed on their back or front sides. Simply put, whatever PDF417 barcodes come your way, the barKoder API is the solution for their recognition. And we're open to be presented with any evidence pointing otherwise!


Enterprise-grade US Driver License Barcode Scanning SDK

The specialized PDF417 decoding matrix comes especially handy when trying to scan the PDF417 barcodes found on US or Canadian Driver's Licenses. As days go by, it's inevitable for biometric documents to become worn out, starting to miss their start or stop patterns and even row indicator columns no matter the implementation quality. The robust PDF417 reading algorithm of the barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK truly shines for such circumstances, making seamless recognition work whenever it comes against even the most stubborn barcode samples.

The barKoder scanner API also comes with a fully AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) compatible parser solution which precisely & fully interprets the data embedded within the PDF417 barcodes, converting and arranging it in separate field pairs depending on the info, while completely following the standard specifications going back to the inception of the concept.


Barcode Reading SDK for South African Driver's Licenses

Trying to find a solution for capturing those ultra-dense PDF417 barcodes on South African Driver's License? Even though they contain up to 720 bytes of data, our barcode reader SDK makes quick work of the decoding process. And following the publicly available decryption and parsing solutions, you can create more than solid solutions for any use-case demanding mobile barcode scanning of SA Driver's License, be that a government, security or other verticals.

The same applies for projects that need to capture the PDF417 printed on South African Vehicle License Disks. Being much less dense, the barcode scanning process is even faster, regardless of the reflections and glare that naturally comes by being placed behind a glass surface. So all those car insurance, dealer fleet management or vehicle valuation applications can finally integrate a reliable barcode scanner SDK which will instantly transform the workflow & massively increase productivity of its employees.

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