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Businesses can become more efficient by incorporating barcodes in their workflows because they provide a method of tracking and storing information about goods. Scanning the barcodes and automatically getting access to the stored info is much more efficient than manually entering information. Despite their effectiveness and reliability, barcodes are often overlooked as a method for reducing time and money. Barcode scanners are especially helpful for inventory management. By using barcodes, it has never been easier to organize and manage your inventory. Each product can be assigned its own unique barcode symbol, which can be easily read by a barcode scanner.

Additionally, barcodes can help business owners keep track of how much products they have in stock. Inventory check is one of the primary purposes of barcodes and by extension barcode scanners, which makes owning a business much more manageable.

Barcodes aren't just for use at supermarket checkout lines. This system can benefit any organization, from retailers and health care application to transportation and logistics.


barKoder Benefits

Barcodes make it considerably quicker and simpler to check out products at a store and keep track of inventory in a warehouse by encoding product information into bars and alphanumeric letters. Accuracy, quickness, and cost savings are three of the barcodes' main commercial advantages in addition to convenience and speed. By assigning a barcode to an item, you make it much easier to identify it down the line in the entirety of your business workflow. They are used, among other things, on invoices to help with accounting, in warehouses to control inventory, and in retail establishments as part of the shopping process.

We come into contact with a barcode every time we buy something, but we rarely notice it. Nonetheless, barcodes play an important role in the successful and efficient operation of our economy, from small businesses to massive global corporations. 




Here are 5 reasons why the barKoder mobile barcode recognition SDK is the best:




Compared to other products on the market today, a barcode scan is quick and trustworthy and takes much less time. You just want your app to perform - swiftly and dependably - whether it is used by your consumers or your staff. For this reason, we created the barKoder SDK as a dependable tool that allows your users to scan barcodes in 0.2 seconds with 99.95% accuracy. You can even scan poorly printed, damaged, blurred or partially obscured barcodes in any environment with very high accuracy, superior quality, and unprecedented reliability.


Cost savings:


Your company can save a lot of money by utilizing barcodes. Before their invention, employees tracked the merchandise and noted its info manually so the companies had to employ many workers in order to efficiently perform the most simplest tasks. By using barcodes, tracking inventory has become seamless and highly efficient, while saving a huge amounts of money. 

Additionally, because the barcode system is so simple to use, it takes less time to train your employees. Overall, barcodes are extremely affordable, and because data can be quickly and precisely accessed, they allow for informed decision-making, which we all know results in both time and money saving. 

Moreover, in this age of highly advanced mobile devices, you can further reduce your expenditure by encouraging BYOD - Bring Your Own Device, a concept which enables businesses to employ the devices of their customers and employees, instead of purchasing and maintaining very expensive hardware scanners to perform the barcode recognition, simply by licensing the barKoder SDK and making it part of your apps. 

If you invest but a little time, you will find that our prices are much lower than our competitors, while providing better performance, speed and accuracy all across the board. 




Employees used to have to manually keep track of individual goods in the prior system, which consequently was prone to human error. With an error rate of roughly one error for every three million inputs, barcodes can track items with unprecedented efficiency. Compared to human entry, barcodes are almost 10,000 times more precise and reliable. Additionally, barcodes can be altered to provide any necessary information that the business processes require. We are pleased to announce that our scanner is as accurate as it gets in producing the desired results. This was accomplished by manually testing and scanning various damaged and small barcode samples in the hundreds of thousands, in a variety of environments and conditions, and the results were astounding.



Benefits of 24/7 support:


We stand by our product, which is why we have a fantastic IT Support Team that is available around the clock and always willing to assist.

Sam Walton famously said: “There is only one boss. The customer – and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”



Easy integration and complete customization:


Adding extra APIs or library to improve the SDK is often a challenge for developers, but this is not the case with the barKoder SDK because we made it ridiculously simple and easy to integrate. Even developers with limited experience are not expected to have any major issues with the integration process. Moreover, unlike other similar products, you can customize everything in the UI and you won't need to showcase the barKoder logo, a strange and questionable practice of a bygone era. As such the barKoder Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK meets all the demands of developers, clients and owners alike, by providing simple integration and complete customization. And you can find an easier tool to use! Just point it to a barcode and liftoff!





Choosing the right SDK ensures a quick time to market while lowering development and maintenance costs. High scanning accuracy also means satisfied end users and higher overall customer satisfaction.

barKoder Mobile Barcode Reader SDK is dependable and productive for all developers and enterprises, with a world-class barcode detection algorithm and camera enhancement functionality.


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