barKoder SDK version 1.2.4 is released

In a space of a month, we managed to push another major update to the barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK! Kudos to the entire barKoder team! 


With this new latest release, we're introducing MatrixSight®, the special algorithm that transcends beyond the need of detecting timing, alignment or finder patterns in order to scan QR Codes or Data Matrix barcodes. It even allows for extreme damages in the data elements without making any fuss! 


In addition, the specially tailored VIN Scanning Mode is also finally part of the barKoder SDK. Powered by both the MatrixSight® and the Segment Decoding® techniques along with extra special considerations, the barKoder VIN Scanning Mode is, according to all our internal tests, the best software-based tool to recognize any kind of VIN-powered barcode, be that Code 39, Code 128, QR Code or Data Matrix. 


The release of version 1.2.4 of the barKoder SDK was of course applied also to our Barcode Scanner by barKoder demo application on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


In continuation is the rest of the release log concerning the new version of both the barKoder SDK and the Barcode Scanner by barKoder app:

- Updated the default settings for all scanning templates to provide better user experience;
- Fixed an issue with the zoom feature while changing scanning resolution;
- Improved the Continuous Scanning mode;
- Added a testing datasheet in the ZIP package for all SDK iterations; 
- Improved both the speed and scan success ratio for Data Matrix;
- Better threads handling allows more efficient decoding - faster scanning with more threads or power saving with less;


The new version of our SDK can be obtained by registering on the barKoder Portal and visiting our repository . Each registered account can utilize the self-service for generating a completely free 30-day trial license that will grant you a full run to evaluate the capabilities of our mobile barcode scanner SDK for up to 25 devices.

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