barKoder SDK version 1.2.2 is live

In a little over a month, we're pleased to announce the release of another major barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK version, this time 1.2.2. With it comes the introduction of the DPM mode, the Segment Decoding option for scanning of deformed, crumbled or otherwise misshaped 1D barcodes, as well as the Severe Blurred Barcode scanning algorithm for EAN & UPC barcodes. 


The release of v. 1.2.2 of the barKoder SDK followed another update to the Barcode Scanner by barKoder application on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Short release log concerning the new version of both the barKoder SDK and the Barcode Scanner by barKoder app:


- Introducing barKoder Library version;

- Added barcodeThumbnailOnResult function which returns a thumbnail of the barcode image which was scanned (default is true);

- Added thresholdBetweenDuplicatesScans for the Continuous Scanning mode with a default set to 5 seconds time between scanning the same barcode in a session, which can be changed;

- The setRegionOfInterest method now throws error if input values are invalid;

- Added array of thumbnails in the callback for the result. Now the method is “@objc func scanningFinished(_ decoderResults:[DecoderResult], thumbnails: [UIImage]?, image:UIImage?)”;

- Added DPM Mode as a template;

- Added dpmMode parameter in settings (By default it is disabled everywhere except in DpmMode template);

- The Default ROI (regiond of interest) for DPM Mode is set to x: 40, y: 40, width: 20, height: 9 (Square);

- Added enableMisshaped1D or Segment Decoding as an option in all templates related to 1D barcode scanning (Segment Decoding is disabled by default in all templates);

- Added upcEanDeblur parameter to be enabled/disabled in all templates related to scanning of UPC & EAN barcodes (disabled by default everywhere except in the 1D Retail template);

- Changed the state of Upc-E1 symbology to be false (disabled) by default in the general scanning template;

- Various small bug fixes and performance enhancements.


The new version of our SDK can be obtained by registering on the barKoder Portal and visiting our repository . Each registered account can utilize the self-service for generating a completely free 30-day trial license that will grant you a full run to evaluate the capabilities of our mobile barcode scanner SDK for up to 25 devices.

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