barKoder SDK is now compatible with .NET Maui

Introducing the .NET Maui barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK plugin


Placeholder are happy to announce that the long-awaited support for .NET Maui is now officially available for the barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK. Initially, it works for Android and iOS apps, with plans to also extend this support to Windows. 

The barKoder Maui SDK can be obtained either through the barKoder NuGet page or directly via the Repository of the barKoder Portal, where you can obtain a completely free trial license for an initial duration of 30 days and support for up to 15 devices at your convenience. The barKoder Documentation Hub has been updated accordingly to include both a Maui Installation Guide, as well as an API Reference Doc offering a detailed description for all available API functions and how you can configure them. 

.NET Maui (short from .NET Multi-platform App UI) is a Microsoft cross-platform development framework that can be utilized to make native mobile (Android & iOS) and desktop (Windows & MacOS) applications from a single shared code-base via C# and XAML. It is an extension and successor of the discontinued Xamarin.Forms, now extended from mobile to desktop scenarios and with a greatly improved UI controls for added performance and extensibility. While you can make multi-platform projects from a single code-base, you can also add platform-specific source code and resources if deemed necessary. 

.NET Maui support joins up with the already existing native Android and iOS, Web, Xamarin, Capacitor, Flutter and React Native barKoder plugins, making the industry-leading barcode scanning SDK available to almost all kinds of developers and apps. And we will not stop here, with Cordova and NativeScript support set to be announced very soon. 

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