barKoder SDK now supports React Native and Flutter

barKoder has expanded its horizons and is now fully compatible with React Native and Flutter platforms. With this new
development, developers can seamlessly integrate barcode scanning capabilities into their web applications using React Native or
create cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter, all while leveraging the powerful features of our barKoder SDK.

barKoder & React Native

Our innovative Barcode Scanner SDK integrates with React Native, providing developers with a powerful and efficient solution for incorporating barcode scanning capabilities into their cross-platform mobile applications. With React Native's framework and our SDK's advanced barcode recognition technology, developers can create native-feeling user experiences for both Android and iOS platforms. The SDK's intuitive APIs and components make it effortless to integrate barcode scanning functionalities into React Native projects, saving valuable time and effort during the development process.

Whether you're building retail, inventory management, or ticketing applications, our SDK's integration with React Native enables you to deliver a feature-rich and reliable barcode scanning experience to your users, ensuring that your app excels in today's competitive market. Stay ahead in mobile app development by unlocking the full potential of our Barcode Scanner SDK integrated with React Native, and provide your users with a smooth and efficient barcode scanning solution that elevates your application to new levels of performance and user satisfaction.

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barKoder & Flutter

Integrating the barKoder SDK with the Flutter platform is a straightforward and seamless process, designed to empower developers with powerful barcode scanning capabilities in their cross-platform mobile applications. To begin, simply add the barKoder SDK as a dependency in your Flutter project's pubspec.yaml file. Once the dependency is added, developers can access a range of easy-to-use widgets and APIs offered by the SDK. To implement barcode scanning functionalities, developers can utilize the BarkoderScanView widget, which provides a native camera view for scanning barcodes. With just a few lines of code, you can configure the widget to enable different barcode types, customize UI elements, and set scanning options to suit your specific application requirements. The SDK efficiently handles barcode recognition, instantly returning accurate results upon successful scans.

Whether you're building an inventory management app or a retail application, the barKoder SDK integration with Flutter streamlines the process, enabling you to create a seamless and native-feeling barcode scanning experience for both Android and iOS users.

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