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Segment Decoding® - API for scanning deformed 1D barcodes


The barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK stands out for its unique ability to scan all supported 1D barcodes with significant deformation along the Z axis. Unlike other decoders which struggle when at least one straight line can't intersect through all bars, the barKoder API excels in handling such deformations due to its advanced algorithm and image processing techniques. This feature allows successful scanning of various degrees of deformity and distortion that might be present in 1D barcodes, like the samples found on bottles, test tubes and other surfaces with rounded, curved, hollowed or otherwise irregular shapes.


This is the limit of deformation for most of advanced decoders on the market.


Once there’s no straight line which can pass through all bars, there’s seldom a solution, either software or hardware-based, apart from the barKoder Barcode Scanner SDK which is able to perform successful barcode recognition. When you add the Segment Decoding to the already present algorithms which handle various degrees of damage on the barcode surface, as well as crumpled, wrinkled and otherwise distorted 1D barcodes, you get the perfect barcode scanning solution for any enterprise and industrial use-case.

Note: the option for decoding deformed barcodes within the SDK or in the Barcode Scanner by barKoder public app is turned off by default. One has to enable it via the application settings or the barcode scanner SDK, which is described within the respective documentation.

Decoding 1D barcodes with various degrees of deformation

Here are some extreme deformation examples which barKoder can successfully handle: